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About Us

ProTask Funding started in 2004 out of an understanding that cash flow was king, not just for businesses but for individuals as well.

ProTask Funding has a strong focus on educating and helping businesses and individuals to understand how the expanding cash flow industry can help them to solve their cash flow problems. If you have questions as to how you might be able to solve a cash flow problem for your business, we are at your service to give you a free consultation. Don't wait any longer. Call us now and start on the road to getting your cash flow back where it needs to be to make you a successful, thriving business or family.

Leaum Conan, a Certified Cash Flow Specialist and owner of ProTask Funding , has been working to educate individuals involved with the cash flow industry since 2004. Leaum has acted as a personal coach to individuals wanting to understand the cash flow business. He can help you as well. Leaum has trained with some of the industry's top organizations and investors to learn how to help you with your cash flow needs. He can guide you through the process 100% helping your feel complete comfortable with selling your note.